We have parents covered with all their concerns regarding our childcare programs. We have provided guidelines for your peace of mind and to ensure that your little ones are well cared for.

Supplies and Change of Clothing

We take care of all the essential supplies required for your child’s daily activities. However, to ensure your child’s individual needs are met, we kindly request you bring specific personalized items. These may include diapers, a change of clothes, formula or breast milk, and any other items unique to your child’s care. Kindly refer to the chart below for guidance.

Items to Bring for Your Child Infants
(0-2 yrs)
(not patty trained)
(patty trained)
Bottles ×
Formula / breast milk ×
Diapers × ×
Wipes × ×
Extra change of clothes × × ×
Nap time (blanket, crib sheet, small pillow) × × ×
Pacifier × ×

Parent Involvement

There are instances where we ask for parents’ involvement and cooperation with occasions and celebrations.

Daily Schedule

You can find up-to-date daily, weekly, and monthly calendars posted on our bulletin board.


In case of emergency, we evacuate children to a safer, predetermined location. We guarantee their safety until you arrive.

Illness, Medications, Immunizations

  • We remind parents to keep children at home if they are ill and unwell. We might require a doctor’s note if they are absent for more than 5 days.
  • We give children prescription and over-the-counter medication only with an authorization form signed by parents. A record of the medications administered is kept at all times.
  • Prior to enrollment, we require parents to submit completed immunization records of their child.

Ouch Reports, Accidents, and Injuries

Our reports are always done in cases of minor injuries to inform parents. The report will be given and explained to the parents at pick-up. In the event of medical emergencies, parents will be informed immediately. We also have personnel who are trained in CPR and First Aid present at all times.

Guidance Policy and Dismissal Clause

We believe in instilling discipline and establishing behavior limits for all children. We strictly prohibit any punishment that includes shaming, humiliation, etc. You may refer to the handbook for more information.

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