Happy tummies for happy hearts

At Tree House Kids, we believe in feeding more than just little tummies; we nourish growing imaginations and happy hearts! Our Meals program is a delicious adventure designed with care, ensuring every bite is a delightful blend of nutrition and flavor. We whip up tasty and wholesome meals, sourcing fresh ingredients to create a menu that caters to diverse tastes and dietary needs. Our cozy dining area transforms into a lively gathering space where laughter and chatter fill the air, turning mealtime into a joyful community experience. We encourage healthy eating habits and foster an appreciation for trying new foods while providing the energy kids need to explore, play, and thrive throughout their day. With Tree House Kids, mealtimes are not just about food; they’re about building happy memories and setting the table for a lifetime of positive eating habits!

Offering healthy meals and snacks is a part of our routine, and each month, you can find the menus posted on the bulletin board. For added convenience, we also provide optional breakfast, lunch, and dinner choices.

However, if you prefer to pack your child’s food from home, kindly ensure it is clearly labeled. We prioritize the safety and well-being of every child so if there are any food allergies, please inform us promptly so we can take appropriate measures.

You may call our hotline or message us for your inquiries. We’ll be glad to assist you!